Constructive deconstruction



Artists display
works inspired by
their life in the city


A group show at Full Circle Gallery
encompasses themes of inner conflict
and everyday banalities


It seemed that there was one underlying theme that appeared to be on the minds of several of the artists — the daily struggles for survival in this city. Several young artists dis played their works at the Full Circle Gallery’s exhibit • Deconstruct’ on Saturday. A graduate of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Marium Kamal’s works included a gargantuan canvas in shades of ochre with messages, such as ‘Karachi, my beauty you are just misunderstood’ and ‘Deep down inside it’s just another city’. Another cmi ous piece by Kamal titled It’s just an explosion’ comprised a large plain canvas — stained with the help of coffee — with huge patches of it burnt off. Behind those burnt patches, were other similar messages.

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